CDSL Facilities

Major Upgrade

CDSL have occupied the site at 70 Hull Road since its inception, and have undertaken a number of extensions and upgrades to their facilities throughout the years as the business has steadily grown.

The latest of these upgrades is the first step in a number of significant improvements planned for CDSL in the future.

The work recently completed was made possible with the relocation of CDSL’s Engineering Division to a new workshop at 55 Hull road, a short distance away.

This has provided the space for two new Mechanical Service lanes, with new roller doors added at each end to provide additional drive-through capacity.

As a part of this major site redevelopment, CDSL has also taken the opportunity to complete the concreting of the yard so that all vehicles coming into and leaving our site will be on concreted surfaces, significantly reducing dust and therefore creating a much cleaner work environment.

CDSL also now ofter  COF testing on-site in association with LTNZ. As a part of the new development, the traffic flow has also recently changed with entry now on the western side of the building, exiting to the east.